The Crater Rally Spring 2018 – Blowout Biker Productions Review

The 2018 Spring Crater Rally was one for the books. This is Hosted by Blowout Productions and did they put on a show. There were over 1500 people from bikers to golf cart enthusiast. Live bands Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Yes this is a 21 and up Rally. It is also BYOB.

Durango Canyon

With approximately 150 full hookups RV sites, electricity, water and sewer. 120-acres at this beautiful facility are ready to explore. There is the Crater that is a full stage and many vendors during the rally to explore, shop and eat. You can tent camp, use your RV with electric and water or do the self-contained areas. There is a rim to set up around the Crater to have the perfect view of the stage and the Biker games that happen every Rally. There is also a Backwoods Stage for the after midnight party during the Rally. This wonderful place is located just outside of Henderson, Texas. All the information for the Crater Rally can be found at blowoutbikerproductions.com.

Blowout Biker Productions

These are a great group of People. Blowout and his wife Barbara do a great job setting up each one of their Rallies. They have a great group of people that help them pull off memorable events. Great Customer Service. Blowout host and MC’s many rallies all over. If you go to their page you will see all the events they have coming. There are way too many things for me to list of all the things Blowout Productions are involved with from rallies, charity events and Swap Meets. I personally cannot say enough about this. They are involved in so much. www.blowoutbikerproductions.com

The Crater Rally Spring 2018

Where to begin? Remember this is a 21 and up Rally. People come from all over to be at this private park to have a great time. You come in on Thursday set up your site unload or rent a golf cart and head down to the crater. There you find food vendors if you didn’t bring your own food. It is BYOB but they sell ice at the front gate to keep it all cold just for you.

In the afternoon there are field games or bike games, you can play along or just people watch. There is an all day adult slip-n-slide. Live bands and this years feature band was Moon Shine Bandits. Also, featured was 13 Shots and White Trash Wannabees. Great music all around. Late at night they have the Breezy Ride heading over to the backwoods stage and you can listen to the band. This can last til 4am. Like I said you can join in or just people watch. They also featured Helicopter rides over the Crater.

There is always someone to talk to or party with. To me the people watching is the greatest. Never know exactly what you will see but it is always interesting, from people dressed as cows to people not dressed at all. It is a friendly atmosphere with lots of great people. Everyone is there to have a great time.

The closest town is approximately 10 miles away and has all the places you need to get supplies if you run out of something. Just bring plenty of water and whatever else you need. This is the place to be when the weather is nice for a great ride. It is also a great place to meet new friends and have a great time. Everyone I spoke to personally said they will be back or will be at Hitchcock Fair ground for fall.

This is a huge private party, with something to see everywhere and things to do.

Down Hill Toy Car Race

Yes it’s exactly as it sounds. People bring little toy cars (no motor and most with no breaks) to race down hill. Yes safety first, they do wear helmets. Everyone decorates their cars in their own personal style, from Barbie to Skulls and Crossbones. Climbing to the top of the hill or carry your car up with a golf cart, this is where the race is on. Climb down into the push car and get ready to race. Two drivers go down at a time. The winner faces other winner’s til there is only one left standing. Have you ever seen a grown person in a push car heading down a hill at gravity speed. It is a site you will surely not forget.

In Conclusion

Would I personally recommend this Rally? Yes, we have a great time every time we go. The staff are friendly and great with everyone. The music sounds good from across the park to right up front. People have all kinds of bikes and golf carts there. So just ride down to the Crater and listen to some good music and watch some wild games. This is a Rally I like.

I couldn’t post the pictures I took based on the graphic nature but we had fun. 😉

If you want to know more about this rally or any of the others by Blowout Biker Productions please visit their website.






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