Skulls and Motorcycles – Everyone looks tough

Yes, Skulls and motorcycles seem to go hand in hand. Whenever; you attend a motorcycle rally from Sturgis to Texas ROT. There are Skulls on bikes, clothing and people. Everything from decals of skulls, Tattoos of skulls and chrome or glossy black skulls everywhere. Motorcycles are painted with them. Now please don’t get me wrong there are roses, hearts and women everywhere too. I have seen full skeletons on bikes, bikes painted with sugar skulls. It gets quite intense if you just notice all the Skulls.




Motorcycle Skull Accessories

Accessories for motor cycles are to an individual preference.

I personally like a few skulls on my bike and my clothing. After a rally I would go have and do searches hunting for different things I had seen. Talk about some major searching. Somethings like the Willie G Skull is pretty easy to find but there are some that are really difficult to locate.

Here at my site, I am doing my best to find some little things to make your bike look awesome or trendy, or maybe even tough. Seriously, why would you change out parts on your bike to aftermarket? Well that is simple, to have your bike noticed instantly.

I have watched and even done it myself, I see a cool bike, I stop, take a picture. Oh and yes, I say “How Cool!” or I look to my hubby and say “I want it”.

Yep, they look cool, tough, awesome and some look strange.





Skull Clothing

At every major biker event, walking down the street you see Skull t-shirts. You see Sugar Skulls, Skull shorts, they are everywhere. From Jack and Sally to the basic Skull and crossbones. I have a few myself. Skull clothing is just part of the rally.


  These are cool on a bike. Amazon.com
The clothing you can find is everywhere. Amazon.com

Natalene Emery


  1. Hi Natalene!
    Skulls aren’t my thing but Bikes are awesome, riding isn’t something I get to do much. Yet my very first drive so to speak was learning on a motorcycle! The reason I wanted to comment was the title mainly. As much as Bikers look tough and I’ve been friends with all kinds of people in my life, I’ve got to say Bikers are the most kind hearted and real people of many social classes. I realize the rich ride too. I’d rather be friends with a biker than a fancy dressed up …oh pardon that slip. 🙂
    I love your easy descriptive writing especially as you describe scenery you notice as you ride written on another post…all you write brings the reader closer to seeing feeling, smelling and believing that riding is the best!
    Ride Sister Ride!! 🙂

    • You are absolutely right, bikers come from all background. We have friends that are lawyers and government officials. During their day job you would never know. I do love to ride and see all the wonderful things and places I can. Bikers are kindhearted. Going to some of the rallies, I have gotten to pet some of the cutest little dogs and I have seen Bikers ride for all types of causes. They just look tough in actuality most are just nice people that love to ride. I thank you for visiting my site and invite you back when I add new post. I have several rallies scheduled this year and I plan on writing about each one. One thing people don’t realize is there is a Chaplin at each rally. We pray and stand for the flag.
      Again thank you I loved the comment, feel free to write again.

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