Reasons to Ride – To take the Stress out of Life

There are many reasons to Ride. Some people like to Ride in sports cars down long winding roads. Others like to take four wheel drives down the beach, Me personally I like to ride my motorcycle out in the country. It is a stress reliever. It helps me forget the hustle and bustle of life and just concentrate on the road, the country and the view.

 Things to Notice on the Ride

When I go out to ride I do my best to stay away from traffic. I don’t want the stress of watching out for everyone else that are not watching for me. I like to notice the scenery. Whether it is desert or mountains it as all beautiful. The things to notice are the flowers, the rock formations, the view from hilltops, even the changing colors of fall.

One of our relaxing rides came across an entire skunk family, I didn’t know whether to awe or hope they didn’t spray me. We stopped let them cross and off we went.

If you are riding down the coast or up a mountain, you might just find a pull off to get a better view. Looking over the water or down in a valley can be so relaxing. Finding a little Mom and Pop, restaurant sitting talking to the locals can be fun.

My Favorite Rides

Spearfish Canyon in South Dakota is a beautiful ride. Looking up at the cliffs, around the bends to a wonderful waterfall. That was an awesome ride.

Riding out to Possum Kingdom from Fort Worth is a pretty ride. You see vast areas of open land and cactus. Near water are lots of trees. I usual stop on the bridges where it is legal and check it out to see if I see any wildlife or can find a cool rock. Yep I fill my saddlebags with rocks while I go hunting scenery.

Riding from Dillsboro, Indiana ( a really small town ) to Friendship, Indiana ( another small town ) is a wonderful Ride. There are lots of curves, There is a creek you follow for a bit. Cliffs on one side and drop offs on the other. Trees close to the Road. Is a slow ride but absolutely beautiful.

Before You Ride – Take into consideration.

Before you go on that stress relieving ride, take into consideration the traffic. Going through a lot of traffic is not stress relieving. We don’t want road rage to come into play. Plan your trip. Make a day of it. Decide where you are going and what is the longest way to get there with the most scenery. Map it out. When You see something interesting, Stop, check it out.

Always be safe, wear your safety gear. Make sure you have gas. Check your air pressure. Test your brakes. Make sure your lights are all working. Do a pre-check on your bike before heading off. It’s also a good idea to check the weather.

Remember you are doing this to relax, Don’t stress, breathe easy and enjoy the ride.

This was my Husbands answer to the question, “Why do you love to Ride?”


I ride because I absolutely love the rush.

If you are not a rider you might not understand.  I know I put my life at risk every time I get on my Motorcycle, that’s why I say a prayer before every ride, and I thank the Great Lord for everything I have been able to do in my life good or bad. I also add in there to keep people around me safe and alert.

It makes me feel better to know that should something happen my life’s right with God.

First off, I don’t ride in the congested city traffic trying to find stress relief, that would have my adrenaline and blood pumping at a dangerous level.

What do you know about the beauty of spring. Have you seen it behind the bars of a cruiser.  The morning starts with glistening dew on everything. The trees and plants are beginning to flower, you see the whites, lavenders, pink blossoms and even some light green leaves starting to appear. The temp in the morning starts around 50 degrees, as lunch time rolls around its in the 70’s what a beautiful day for a ride.  It is awesome, even the smell is delish. When you go on a ride where the trees form a light see through canopy over the road, It’s like Wow. Makes you appreciate this great land of ours. The crops in the fields, and the leaves on the trees are still minimal so visibility is as far as you can see. It seems as if you can see for miles, you can see up the hills, down in the valleys, and through the woods. It seems as if everyday you see something else you didn’t see the day before.

If you have any comments or thoughts, Please let us know. We are happy to here from you. So why do you love to Ride?

Natalene Emery


  1. Hi Natalene,

    I was on a motor bike once in my life. I was 9 years old and some teenager put me on the back of his motor bike.

    He nearly killed me. I had my little arms holding onto to him as he hit top gear!

    I nearly fell off a few times until he stopped.

    Reading your article I do see the beauty and the amazing freedom afforded to you by having your own motor bike. Shame I am too terrified to try it again.

    Thank you for your thought provoking article.



    • I know how you feel about being terrified on the back of a bike. That is why I ride my own now. Also people do not watch for the biker so we have to watch for them. Once I did get over the devasting fear and faced it I found I loved it. Riding away from everyone let’s you see more of the beautiful world. Thank you so much for your awesome comment.

  2. I know this is only slightly related, but the same rush that you feel on a motorcycle is the same one I feel on a longboard. Imagine going down a hill at 40-50 mph with only a piece of wood on wheels between you and the pavement. It’s pretty intense so I can understand your point of view as well. I’ve always wondered, is it hard to balance on a motorcycle? Just curious.

    • If you can ride a bicycle and use a manual vehicle you can learn to ride. Just have to remember to put your feet down. Just like a long board you get a rush. The rush, the adventure make you feel alive.
      Thank you for you comment, live to ride even a longboard.

  3. I share one thing in common with you, travelling. Just to ask which country do you do this stuff at? Myself i prefer hiking and long walks, i love challenging myself and seeing how far i my legs can take me. I also love the fresh air just like you away from crowds and congestion.

    • Thank you for your comment, I do this in the United States. I love to walk too, there is nothing like walking as far as you can and seeing what you can find. I do the same with the riding. There are so many beautiful things in this word. Places to see and absolutely away from the crowd.

  4. I love the freedom you feel. It’s like all your senses are heightened! The smell of fresh cut hay on a warm summer day. The warm sun and the wind in your face. It’s just you and machine. Every ride is an adventure!

  5. I used to have a motorcycle when I lived in Chicago, but was for the most part more of a hassle to go riding than it was enjoyable. I then took up mtn biking, and I know what you mean about the stress relief. I would get home from work, change and head out on my bike for two to three hours riding the trails in the many forest preserves located close to home. It was the best way to end a usually stressful day at work, and a great escape on the weekend. I am again thinking about getting a motorbike.

    • That is awesome, Not everyone has an escape route from life. Whether if is a mountain bike or a cruiser it is important to find your stress relief to life. I think it is important to check out the world from different perspectives. From walking to riding there are wonderful things to see and explore. I would love to see the forest preserves you are talking about. Sounds awesome. Thank You for the incite of another view.

  6. While I may not be that skilled with a motorcycle yet, the idea of taking a ride down a beautiful valley does seem blissful.

    Most of the time, when I think of road trips, it’s always about getting to the destination. This post reminded me to enjoy the journey there as well. Not that I think about it, the reason I always enjoyed reaching the destined spot was because the journey there was so relaxing.

    I can’t wait for the chance to take my partner out and go on a trip somewhere, but that will have to wait until I’m better skilled on my bike.

    • Riding with a passenger is tough, It takes lots of practice. Just remember to enjoy the view, life is to short not to enjoy the ride. Sometimes the destination is just the turn around point, the actual relaxation is seeing what is on this wonderful world. Thank You for your comment. Live to Ride and enjoy Life.

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