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Everyone needs to be safe. So I decided to write a review on basic Personal Safety. Ride Safe. Be smart about where, when and how you ride.

I am a personal believer in firearms but they are not always the smart thing. Having a personal firearm is a great idea but they can’t be pulled all the time. Pepper spray is great but it also is not always a first line of defense. Taser same thing.


Using basic safety is always your best bet.

Let’s go over the basics.

Your Cell Phone.

In today times, everyone has a lock on their phone. Well, think about this, Can a police officer get into your phone if something happens to you. Does he know who to call in case of emergency.

  • Don’t save passwords in your phone. (type them in every time)
  • Unlock your phone.
  • Save at least 2 people to your favorite phone number section with the abbreviation ICE. (In Case of Emergency)
  • List the relationship of the 2 people. (Rick ICE Husband) For instance.

Remember to keep banking, credit card information, apple password etc. off your phone. (type it in every time.)

Your Wallet

Put a card in your wallet that also says who to call in case of emergency. Leave it in there. Make sure you have the name address, relationship and most of all phone number of whom to call. Don’t just list one person, list 2 or 3.

Let someone know your destination.

When going for a ride it is great to just get away. When I go down the beach in my jeep by myself I always tell someone where I am going, when I am leaving and when I will roughly be back. If I don’t contact them by a certain time they know to send out the troops and come look for me. This has saved me when I have had jeep trouble and bike trouble. Trust me, I have run out of gas, over heated my jeep and gotten stuck. Yeah you can get a Jeep stuck.

  • Where are you going?
  • When are you leaving?
  • When you should be back?
  • What time to call the troops in?
  • Let them know your route.

It only takes a text or call to let someone know you are going a different way; however sometimes you may not have phone service to try to stick with your plan.

Extra Bottle of Water

What happens if you do breakdown? Did you take an extra bottle of water or a snack? It is a good idea to take it. If someone is not expecting you back for hours you may find yourself drying out. A bottle of water and a protein bar do not take much room so take it along.

Listen to your Gut

If something inside you says, not a good place, get outta there. Don’t stop there. If it looks like you will not be safe get away from it. Always go to well lit areas. I like places with lots of people.

Watch your surroundings, If you think you are being followed, go to the nearest police station or first police officer you see. Be Aware.

Ride with a Partner

It is always more fun to ride with someone that will enjoy the ride as much as you. It is harder to take down 2 people than it is one. My husband and I ride together and if not together we follow the simple steps out lined here.

If you have any other suggestions please let me know. I welcome comments and respond as quickly as possible.

Natalene Emery

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