Need a Vacation. Start planning now for next year.

Everyone wants to take a vacation. Yes taking a ride on the Bike is a great short getaway but most of us have families and grand kids. Nope we are not all spring chickens. Here are some things you may not know and can help you in planning a really cool get away and make everyone happy.

Take a Cruise for Romance or for Family

Yes, we all love the rally life but did you know you can take a Cruise Vacation for a really reasonable cost if you plan it out. Maybe you have a child fixing to Graduate. (yes I say fixing) Maybe you have to do the compromise thing. You go to the rally but have to plan a regular vacation with the whole family too. Maybe you have an Anniversary coming up and want surprise your special someone. You can do it and make everyone happy.

Yes, I have heard it all. I don’t like ships I will get sea sick. (Ships have stabilizers) They cost too much.(plan it out and pay over time) (The farther out you book the Cheaper it is.) It’s not safe to leave the country. (Stay in groups, take excursions and meet new people.) Let me give you just a bit of incite.

There are ports all over the coastal United States, personally being from Texas, we Cruise out of Galveston. Did you know that all your food is included. So basically you are paying for the Hotel stay on the Ship (only unpack once).

There are several pools and hot tubs on board. There are up to 16 different Bars on some of the Ships. There are Casinos on most ships. There are stores on board. There is a Spa and a Fitness Center on each Ship. Room Service is great.

Now for the big question. Yes, there are things for every age. There are teen areas and children areas. Most come with free day care. Parties for the young that are supervised by great activity directors. They have an under 18 game center. Yes, I checked it out. Easier to win a prize than in the casino. Most the teen area have game systems for the gamer teen.

There are also Adult only sections, yep my expertise is here. I am not a shy person so I like to sit in the Hot tub next to the bar and the burger place on the ship. (Not all ships have the burger bar, some have the pizza bar.)

Now, think about this, you get on the Ship, wave off your life for a few days. Head down to get a drink and head to the pool. Relax. Then decide on what show you want to see, maybe the comedy club, or a Broadway show. Yep it’s included. Spend a day at sea feeling the breeze in your hair, the sun kissing your skin. Exploring the Ship. Have a wonderful dinner and if you are still hungry get more. Its included. Want to try the whole menu in one day, go ahead because tomorrow it will be a different menu. Oh and if by chance you have a food allergy no problem the cruise line will adapt to you and yours.

Wake up in a different port, Maybe you want the Bahamas or Mexico or Belize. Maybe you are thinking about Alaska. Take an excursion, you can swim with dolphins or just shop. Go to an all-inclusive resort for a day, there are so many options to check out. Go back to the Ship that night and see another show, have dinner, meet with new friends. Then wake up in another port depending on the length of your cruise.

Really there is so much to do yet so much time to rejuvenate and relax. What to do is the big question. Do everything or do nothing it’s all up to you.

Why a Travel Specialist

Travel specialist are really great people. They have been there and done that. They also get the best prices and can let you know all the little cost that cruise lines charge, like port fees or taxes, alcohol is not free on the ship but the may be able to get you a better deal on the cost of these things. The cruise lines charge Gratuities based on the amount you pay. If you lock in your price early the cost goes down. Travel Specialist also get really great deals on vacation packages that the direct link to the cruise line do not publish. Yes the cruise line want to give you a closet for the cheapest rate possible then they let you know about the taxes, port fees, gratuities excursion cost and alcohol and soda packages. Travel Specialist let you know all the little things and help you make informed decisions. They go to bat for you with the cruise line to get you the best price and perks possible without being in a closet for several days.

Book your vacation early and use a Specialist for better service. With a Travel Specialist you are not a number, you are the most important person to them to get you and your family the best possible price and personal service. My friends at ULTRSCLASSICVACATIONS.COM can help you.

You can make monthly installments. Did You know That?

If you put down your down payment, you can pay on it by the month til it’s paid for. You will get an invoice for each installment. It does have to be paid off 90 days before the cruise. Your Travel Specialist can assist you with this. This makes the Dream Vacation more of a great possibility. The closer it gets to the cruise the more expensive they get. You can book a cruise up to 18 months ahead of time. That is plenty of time to have the dream come true and make everything really special. If something happens and the cruise does drop the price, the travel agent can go to the cruise line for you and see about an up grade or even on board credit to get you the best price possible.

Really there is so much to do on a Cruise and it’s Affordable.

If you are looking for the special Cruise, plan ahead. Anniversary cruise, Graduation cruise, Honeymoon Cruise or maybe that once in a lifetime vacation. Make a new memory that will be talked about for years to come. The remember when memory will come back to you over and over again. New experiences are great, I personally like to take the Cruise right before the Lonestar Rally. We get off the ship and head over to the Rally. Maybe you want to spend a few days in the embarkation port. It can be set up for you with one phone call. Check out the website ULTRACLASSICVACATIONS.COM for Cruises or land packages. They can set up your airfare, hotels and entire vacation. Give them a call 817-550-6653.





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