Guardzilla Indoor Security Camera Review – Know what happens while you are away.

Guardzilla Indoor Security Camera Review. Know what is happening in your home while you are away. Going to various rallies, the thought is always there, “What is going on at home?”. Going away for days at a time I often wonder what is happening at home being I still have some kids that live at home. Are they Partying? Are they being good kids? Who left the dishes in the sink? Yeah it seems rather silly but I want to know. I have tried many different systems.

I need one that would alert my phone and I could talk through but would not break the bank. I eventually found the Guardzilla System. I could set it up all over my house and if the motion sensors went off, I would get a message and it would record what was happening. I could tell whoever was there to get out. I could set off the alarm and call the police if need be.

I can even watch my dogs and make sure they are being taken care of.

Yes it sounds strange to have a system to check up on things but it works. I have fallen in love with this system.

Guardzilla Highlights

  1. Watch live, 720p high definition video on your smartphone from wherever you are.
  2. Motion Detection, Precision PIR motion sensors capture movement and instantly send phone alerts (push, email).
  3. 100 dB Siren Ear-splitting deterrent.
  4. Can be set to automatically arm when leaving home and disarm when returning.
  5. Night Vision Infrared sensors provide video images in dark areas.
  6. Built-In Speaker and Microphone Listen in and broadcast into the room.
  7. Video Recording Option Can record up to 5 days of video with Micro SD Card (not included).
  8. Cloud Storage Store video recordings of motion events and download to your phone.

The bad about this is simple, Your WiFi goes down so does your camera. This is a common problem with most camera systems.

The Guardizza App – Easy for me to use.

I can check into the app on my phone anytime. See what is happening and set it up anytime I am out. I can flip between cameras, talk to my sons (scare them that someone is always watching). Real 1984 stuff here. MAMA is watching.


Guardzilla app home screen

This has made me feel more at easy being out and about.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know. Just know, going from Rally to Rally, I like have extra security around the house. It records all in comings and goings of the house, Just set it up and pay the 49.99 annual plan and get a little peace of mind.

Natalene Emery


  1. Good product here and nice review. I used to install high tech cameras and security devices for a well know nationwide company. But, for my own house I used flood lights and motion sensors. This is the way to check on things when we aren’t here which is cool. I noticed in the last ten years people have become more brazen in trying to get other people’s stuff and while it lessens my faith in humanity it steps up my awareness. Being a Marine Corps veteran I am pretty hyper aware already but this would let me put my guard down a bit. Thanks for sharing.

    • Absolutely, it makes the peace of mind a bit more available. I use it more because I have teenagers. Everyone needs one that has kids in my opinion. I have the flood lights but really like to know what is going on inside. Thank You for your comment.

  2. My father really needed a long video recording option. He did not specify anything but I am guessing that 5 days would be sufficient. I will recommend Guardzilla to him.

    • I have three in my home. You can have it go longer but it does cost more. 5 days was good enough for me. I recommend these to my friends and it has worked pretty well for them.

    • I have kids, and they are old enough to know better but still young enough to see what they can get away with. I have three in my home and I see what friends are there when I am not. When they are not home I set the guardzilla to tell me when they arrive.. Always the cautious Mom. Thank you

  3. Seeing as I live in an apartment, I don’t have the need (yet) for this product. By the looks of it, this is well-researched and I will certainly be recommending this to friends.

    • I love mine, Being you live in an apartment it is always a good thing to have. It would let you know if someone accessed your apartment. Please keep the security in mind. Thank You

  4. This is a really good idea. The only concern I have with this product is wouldn’t your children know that it’s a camera? Meaning, if they know they are being watched they might not act up. Are there any other cameras that are more discreet or anything?

    • My children do know the cameras are there but they never really know when I am checking on them. At first they had no idea. And being kids they seem to forget that they are being watched. One of my sons loves it. He likes the fact that when his girlfriend comes over I know she is there even when we are not. Its an extra set of eyes making sure she is safe. They have been dating for three years and she still doesn’t realize it is a camera. I have one with my ROKU and they just don’t realize what it is. My other cameras were more noticeable being they were set in the ceiling and looked like cameras. If someone did steal it, it would take a picture of them doing it. Thank you.

  5. Hey Natalene, thanks for this.. I don’t have kids myself, but I reckon my girlfriend would definitely appreciate it! I like the way it looks like a standard piece of gear (rather than a camera as such)…so it blends in well. So if someone did break in, I’m guessing it could snap a pic before they even realised what happened!

    • Absolutely, I had family over for Christmas and no one even realized my cameras were there. It looks just like my router sitting there. I found it after trying many different ones and this one worked out best for me and my family. First time I spoke to one of my kids, he jumped. Didn’t realize I have eyes on him. Thank you for the comment.

  6. Wow, this is fantastic. Thanks Natalene. I’ve been wanting to have a security cam and this one caught my attention. I’ll just make sure it supports the ISP of my home country (I was looking at one product and it says it doesn’t support certain countries). If it does then I’ll definitely get this one. Super thanks. Big help =)

    • Very cool, I have mine set all the time, it is funny to sit in one room and check on the others. I really like the night vision and the fact it records when motion is detected. Thank You and I hope your are supported.

  7. Wow, you did great child; you have come so far; we; your parents are proud of you and your accomplishments !!!

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