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Rick (my husband) and I work at various rallies when we get the opportunity. We are always looking for work. We believe that to have a successful rally, You need people that care and want to do their best all the time.

Sturgis Rally – Shade Valley Resort

In 2017, we both worked for Shade Valley Resort and Campground. I personally worked for the food vendor that operated on the grounds and tended the Garden Bar when needed.

Rick worked security during the events for the EYE CANDY SALOON.

Now to a perk of working, We meet all the people that come through. Yep last year was Tanya Tucker. She is really a nice person.

This was an awesome experience, and needless to say it was not the first time we had been to Sturgis, SD.

Just remember when you decide to go to the rally.

Take an extra coat (especially if you are from the south) because it can get really cold at night, almost to freezing if not freezing.

Take your rain gear because believe me it has rained or sleeted every time I have been.

Take your walking shoes for the down town area. Boots, unless they are really comfy can make you sweat or blister.

If you are camping, You can take the minimum and buy the stuff there or mail your stuff to the campground.

Sturgis has a great grocer there to buy your needs for food or drink.

The nearby city has all the wonderful places like Walmart, Academy and any other place you can think of.

There are many things there to see and lots of Bike Rides to take, from Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower and Deadwood a very historical place with lots of small casinos.

Spearfish Canyon is a great Ride too. Awesome waterfall. Also, the Badlands are beautiful.

Most of the Campground (include the one we work at) are bring your RV, camp out or rent a cabin.

Crater Rally – 21 and up

The Crater Rally was another Great experience,

For the Crater Rally we work for Blowout Biker Productions. My husband and I work trash detail or sanitation for 4 straight days. Now you may think that is a bad thing but really it is not. We drive around all morning picking up trash bags and throwing them in the dumpster, we clean the stage and the back stage areas. We meet the bands and so many wonderful people. Sometimes you end up following some of the bands like 13 Shots. Oh and the Food, lets just say I don’t go hungry.

For Texas Rally, take your sunscreen and bug repellent.

Take your rain gear (just in case).

And always take walking shoes.

The closest town is approximately 10 to 15 miles down the road, but you can find what you need there.

Take your RV, camp out or Rent a cabin.

Lone Star Rally – Hitchcock Fair ground

This is another Rally we work at doing trash detail. Again it is not as bad as it sounds. We also help set up this Rally. Put up signage (little things that are needed) Again we ride around picking up trash bags and making sure the grounds stay clean. We meet the bands, even met the wrestlers for this one. We help the vendors and really have a great time meeting all the people.

We always ride into town and walk around (so take those walking shoes). There are many places to walk. This one is in Galveston, TX.

There is the Strand to walk down or the Sea Wall. Yes the water is right there (Gulf of Mexico).

Take bug repellent and sunscreen.

Also, make sure you take some rain gear, Because it does rain at least one day while you are there. It has every time I have been.

South Padre Bike Week – Yes it is on an Island

This one I have been to just for the Ride. Great Music, wonderful beach (so take that swim suit),

Crossing the bridge they warn about possible Pelican crossing and they are not joking.

For this one I normally get a Motel Room and take just enough to pack my bike. Honestly I go for the salt water.

Please don’t for get that sunblock and bug repellent.

Well I have been and worked at lots of Bike Rallies

Going to a Rally is a lot of fun. It will be a memorable experience. I enjoy working there and The Ride. The beauty of this country is awesome. So please take the Ride. Go see the World from a Bike. It is a different view.

If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.






Natalene Emery

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