Daytona Bike Week Review

Yep, I finally did it, went to Daytona Bike Week 2018. It had some great parts and some not so great parts. Would I go again? Yes.

From where I am it’s almost a two-day ride, pretty much every hotel was booked solid so camp grounds are really a good way to go. Plus at most the camp grounds there is live music and places to eat. You find at some of the big rally’s the campground is a great place to be. I have found that true at Sturgis and Lonestar Rally. It’s one of those, yep go downtown look, shop, have a drink and go back to the campground and have some fun. (Some of the people I know will appreciate me endorsing campgrounds but I am giving an honest opinion. Remember everyone has an Opinion.)

The Great Part of Daytona Bike Week

Daytona Bike Week is for all kinds of Motorcycles and Riders. It seems like everyone brings their bike to town just to show it off and yes, there are some really cool bikes. If your into shopping on Main Street it’s approximately 9 blocks and It ends at the Beach. This time of year the water was still cold but always beautiful. Pretty much every block had an outside bar with live music. Everything from country to rock.

Oh yeah, One Sexy Biker Chick has a brick and mortar store right there. If your looking for some really cool biker clothing, that is a great place to shop. onesexybikerchick.com. It’s one of my favorite places to shop. I look for them at every Rally and the cool thing is It’s the same people and they get to know you from all over the country.

The Bike shows and races are really a hot event. They are out at the speedway, so yes Bike Week is all over Daytona.

There was so much to do and I didn’t have very much time. It was reported that this was one of the biggest Daytona Bike Weeks. There seemed to be more people at this one. People come from all over for this one week.

The Warning Part of Daytona Bike Week

Book your Campground or Hotels early. Yep I messed up, I waited too late and as always the hotels were all booked. Yep I didn’t bring my camping supplies either so a campground was out of the question for me this time. I will not make that mistake again. We ended up staying over an hour away from all the fun and even they were running quite low on hotel rooms.

You have to drink in the designated areas. That really isn’t so bad. You stop at a nice outside bar have a drink listen to music and move down the street to another spot and do the same. (Have a designated driver if you do this because it can get, well you know.) Plus the people watching is fun. Everyone is have a good time and its hard not to laugh or smile.

First time to see a URAL Motorcycle

I have never seen one of there before. It is a URAL motorcycle and comes with a side-car. This motorcycle is made for two riders in mind and what surprised me was it is manufactured in Irbit, Russia. They have been making motorcycles for over 75 years. This sidecar motorcycles featuring on-demand 2 wheel drive. Flip a lever and instantly engage power to both the rear and sidecar wheel. Very interesting design.

More and more Women are riding.

During Daytona Bike Week I was happy to see all the women riders, Not so long ago it seemed like it was taboo for a woman Biker. Everyone of the women I spoke to were glad they rode. They like the freedom. They rode everything from baggers to Crotch Rockets. It is very impressive to see women bikers breaking the stereo typical biker.

In Conclusion:

Go to Daytona During Bike Week. See the beach and the Bikes that are there. Check out every aspect of the town and the beach. Try the food. Just make sure you book early and have your spot. Check out the Vendors because they come from all over and have variety of different foods to choose from. Take extra cash for parking and cruising the beach. Enjoy life and have some fun.

People from all over.




Natalene Emery


  1. Amazing review! I have never been to Daytona Bike week before, and this absolutely seems incredible. Especially being able to see who is attending and what types of bikes there are. What I love the most is that more and more women are riding bikes too, that’s so cool! I always wanted to learn to ride one :). Thanks for sharing your experience!

    • Sorry for the delayed response. I am always out checking on what is happening on the Rally scene. Thank you for the review and if you get the chance to go to a rally, it is a very interesting people watch. I love seeing all the bikes and people having a nice time. People seem to think Rally’s are not safe places but really it is like every other place many people gather. Always be safe and plan your trip. I enjoy my job so it makes it easy to write about. Thank you again and have fun with life.

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