Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet -What Kind

Picking your helmet, For me this was not easy. Full Face, Half Helmet, 3/4 Helmet. Visor with tent. So many choices to choose from. Let’s get into it.

Choosing a Helmet – What kind?

Full-face helmet covers the face and head. It includes a lift able face shield to protect the eyes. This kind of helmet offers the best protection against weather, bugs and rocks or debris hitting your face. It also is better on keeping your head and face warm in col weather.

Open-face helmet do not include a face shield. But some times have a snap on Face Shield. Having an Open Face Helmet makes your visibility better and doesn’t snug in your face like a Full Face Helmet does. You will need goggles and/or a shield.

Half-helmet just cover the top of your head. Yep just what it says. It is like the old Army Helmets, doesn’t even cover your ears.

Three Quarter Helmets do come with lift able face shields depending on which one you choose. Looser on the chin. Not as heavy as a Full Faced Helmet and does not press on the chin. Offers Many of the benefit’s of the Full faces Helmet.

(Note) If you plan on using a Bluetooth intercom system, you will need a full or 3/4 helmet.

It is always a good idea to invest in goggle and or good glasses to protect your eyes.

You can also get a quick release for your chin strap.

Check and Make sure the Helmet is DOT certified.

I have Three Helmets and my favorite is the 3/4 helmet. I also have an intercom system in it but seldom use it.

 ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet DOT


This is one of my favorite Helmets, it is actually full face but fits like a 3/4. Click here for more information from Amazon.

What DOT Means

DOT stands for Department of Transportation, the standard is FMVSS 218, the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218, It applies to Helmets sold in the United States.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration enforcement authority of the DOT certification requirement applies to helmets intended for the road use.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration does not test helmets against the Department of Transportation requirements before being certified. Manufacturer market their helmets selling their Helmets for street use in the United States have to test and certify the Helmets they produce and put a DOT insignia showing they are complying with the 218 standard.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration implements the regulation by testing random samples and sending them off to be tested in testing facilities to enforce certification. If the Helmet does not pass the company is fined.

Choosing a Helmet is totally a preference. Make sure it is snug but not to the point of hurting you. Shake your head is should stay in place, I also recommend the Quick Release.




Natalene Emery


  1. Before I sold my motorcycle I had a modular full face helmet and I liked being able to lift the front of the helmet to expose my face vs. taking the whole helmet off.

    Choosing the right helmet does depend of preference but in my opinion I’m not sure why anyone would go with anything other then full face. Just thinking about what pavement can do to my face scares me and I feel just a little safer with a helmet protecting my whole head!

    • I agree, but I also agree with head protection. Not everyone wear helmets and not every state require them.

      Thank you for your comment, everyone needs to be informed to make an accurate decision.

  2. AWESOME INFORMATION! Thank you for the easy to read and understand information about each helmet. I don’t have one just yet and this left me feeling more knowledgeable then before I visited the site!

    • That’s awesome, I hope you find a great helmet to protect you. Don’t forget the rest of the safety gear you will need. Gloves, a Good Jacket and I like to wear my chaps to protect from bug hits.
      When You get your bike make sure you send me a picture. I would love to see what you pick.
      Any questions make sure you contact me and I will be happy to reply.

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