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Hi, Welcome to Skull Diggers. Do you love to Ride, I do.
Seriously, yes I am a lady rider and going to rallies I found so many unique
things there. Guess what, I couldn’t find them very easily online. Some things
I am still on the search for. On skulldiggers.com I am going to find and post
these unique things along with gear that I think every rider might like or

How did this happen?

I started riding about 6 years ago after falling off my
wonderful husbands bike once to often. Yep that was it, One turn too many to
tight. Me on the ground, that was an ouch. Don’t get me wrong, My hubby is a
great rider but having two on a bike sometimes can get a bit scary. So I took
the safety classes and learned to ride on my own. My first bike was a Vulcan
750. Since then, I have upgraded and have done many long, and I mean long

Now, I love to go to rallies and yep I love to shop. Boots,
Chaps, Helmets, Jackets, lights for my Bikes all kinds of things and yes even
bra’s and boy shorts have been on my list of shopping. At the rallies you can
find them but you can’t always find them when you get back home. So this fact
has me looking into finding some awesome things for people like me.

I now have two bikes, one sportster for short rides and a
softtail for long rides. Nothing to me compares to the wind in your hair,
seeing everything in an unobstructed view. Trust me parking is great too.

Now about the name, I am into skulls bikes rocks and bike
gear. My business is named after my Jeep. I love to also go 4wheeling. On the
beach is where I love the most. Well I believe a Jeep needs a name so Skull
Digger it was. That is where everything started and is continuing to go.


Our Goal

At Skull Diggers we are focused on finding your (in my opinion) unique motorcycle
gear and unique bike accessories. We will hunt for those unique items.

If you are looking for something, or have a question, feel
free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Dusty Emery


Natalene Emery


  1. Hi Dusty!
    I have favorited this awesome site! I too am a rider. In fact, I love it so much that it isn’t out of the ordinary to see me riding all the way up until the first snow. You are 100% accurate that riding helps takes the stress out of life. For me it’s almost instantly. I often take the the long way home from work just so I can stay on my bike longer. Man I love it! Thanks for sharing and creating this wonderful site!

    • Thank You for the wonderful comment. I really love to ride but some days are too cold even in Texas. I can’t wait til spring or warm days. It is so relaxing to take a ride out away from people and just look at the view from a bike. It is so different. You see everything. Long bridges are my favorite because of looking at the water. Some are not happy with a bridge but the view is unbelievable. Thank You again, getting a post ready about the dyna for ladies. Just went and checked some out but personally I love my softtail. Keep riding and living.

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