Rally Preparation – Get Excited

Going to a Rally is so much fun. There is food, shopping and music. Its an outdoor setting so always take the little essentials. Needless to say there is alcohol so have a Designated Driver, take a bus or find a taxi. Be safe don’t drive.


First off getting ready for the rally.

  1. Order your tickets… You can go on the rally site and order your tickets. The sooner the better.
  2. Decide where you are going to stay… Are you staying in a hotel or are you staying at a camp ground?
  3. Map it out… Make sure you know where you are going. Do you want to ride or trailer your bike. Some rallies are a great distance from your home. Yep, some biker’s trailer their bikes to the rally and only ride there.
  4. Get a battery charger for your bike. I carry one and you would not believe how many times I have killed my battery or helped someone that killed theirs. They are really inexpensive. It’s a just in case item.
  5. Have a good Phone charger and an external battery pack. Yep eventually your phone will die from taking to many pictures. You can also get a charger to hook to your bike. 12 volt accessories adapter.
  6. Get your rain gear ready. I haven’t been to a full rally yet it hasn’t rained at least one day.
  7. Get your bike serviced. Make sure your bike is ready to go. Good tires, oil change and don’t worry there is usually a bike wash there somewhere.
  8. Set cash aside to take. Some places do not take credit, yep I said it. Some ATM’s only let you take out $200.00 a day. It is more to protect you.
  9. Get some good walking shoes. Every rally I have been too has shopping and food, most you have to walk to. Be comfortable.
  10. Get excited. Meet friends there, go to a concert, have some good food and prepare to meet lots of nice people.


Do You want to stay at a Campground or a Hotel

I personally have done both. It really depends on the Rally. When we go to South Padre, I prefer a Hotel. When we go to Sturgis, it’s a campground.

Most Campgrounds offer Self-contained RV slots. Those are nice, but not everyone owns an RV. I usually take two tents, Yep that is right two tents one for my clothes and one for me. My hubby can carry a small tent on his bike and I carry one on mine. I also like an air mattress so I don’t have to sleep on the ground. I try to find a site with a picnic table too, that is to have breakfast in the morning or sit around and talk. Most campgrounds have shower facilities, so to take a shower bag and shower shoes.

Now if your looking for a Hotel, Make it close to the Rally. Map it. See if it has all the things you want, king-size bed, a sauna, maybe a swimming pool. Hotels are nice because you are able to use the shower and sleep in a normal bed.

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Check the Weather

Keep an eye on the weather, most phones have a weather app. You can use it. If not you might want to download one for your phone. Set it up to the location your at and where you will be. I haven’t been to Sturgis yet that it didn’t Rain, sleet or snow. Yep snow in South Dakota in August. After my second trip there I have learned to take a good jacket to keep the rain off me and keep me warm. (On our second trip we got caught out without jackets and I bought us both one the first town we came too.) We still wear them. Started putting patches on them. So believe this there is something about Rallies and Rain. It happens.

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In Conclusion

These are a few things I have learned over the years. If you have any questions or comments or even a crazy story let me know. Leave a comment in the box below.

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